Baha'i Writings As Art








Baha'i Writings As Art


Baha'i Writings As Art celebrates the joy and beauty in the Baha'i Writings.

Glenn Franco Simmons has the permission and approval of the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States and the Spiritual Assembly of Cupertino to post and sell the images he has created and that have been approved for commercial use by the Spiritual Assembly of Cupertino. If you have concerns about what has been published, please contact the Spiritual Assembly of Cupertino.

Images with Baha'i writings are only available as prints and greeting cards. Replacement images without writings will be substituted for all other products.

Day Of Effulgence

Dhammapada As Art

Drops Of One Ocean

Earth Is But One Country

Evanescent In God

Flowers Of One Garden

Flowers Of The Same Garden

Generations Gone Before You

Humanity Is Like A Garden

Immerse yourselves in this Ocean

Immovable As The Rock

Joy Gives Us Wings

Leaves of One Tree

Let each morn be better than its eve

Let Thy Soul Glow

Light Of Unity

Lights Of Guidance

Like Unto A Pearl

Mingling Of Station


O God Guide Me Prayer

O Kings of the earth

Oneness of Religion

Origin Of All Things

Perfume of Thy Nature

Persian Hidden Word 3

Persian Hidden Word 19

Persian Hidden Word 32

Persian Hidden Word 38

Persian Hidden Word 49

Persian Hidden Word 78

Petaled Designs

Prayer-answering God

Proof of Nobility

Realms Of The Human Spirit

Reflect O People


Rose of Love

Sadrih of Blessedness

Same Luminaries

Sea Of The Spirit

Shell of Pearls

Tahirih The Pure One

The Great Being Saith

The Seven Valleys And The Four Valleys

The True Baha'i

Tree of Creation

Turned To The Light

When A Man Turns His Face To God

The Yaran-Friends In Iran